Hello, welcome on Friendly!

Welcome on Friendly, don't forget to invite friends!

Speed & Lag
This means that we can thread access a stable and consistent envorionment for all of you to play! You notice that you get in trouble? Take it as soon as possible contact with an employee! We can not help you if you

Daily events
Here at Friendly hotel, organize our employee (s) will be motivated and events daily, This ensures that you and the rest of the members not bore your own. If no events are organized, you need wired events like playing Ping Pong Beat the Holo, and the dragon-shaped maze's!

We update our server daily, adding new features to the client and the website. These functions can include things like new commands, new furniture, new website features, and so on! If there is a furniture, badge or command that we have not, and you want .. Just ask! One of the developers will add it!